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We are a team of experts located in Cairo. Our expertise is in Interior Design and Real Estate. We offer complete interior design services, architecture, Construction works, finishing, and furnishing. We also provide consultancy and marketing in the real estate industry.
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Four Corners Egypt is the comfort zone for everyone who is looking for a unique Real Estate services or an outstanding interior design experience because all what is required from you is to tell us your needs and we fulfill them easily by making them real.

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Finishing Corner

No matter how inspirational the design is, if a residential space does not feel like home, then the interior project has fallen short. We work with each client to explore the elements of living that create both pride and comfort.The right colour palettes, materials & logic are the keys.

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Interior Design Corner

It has often been said that the key to a successful business is location, location, location. We get it; location is important. But even with the greatest location in the world, a business can easily fail if its interior is not just as well thought out.

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Properties Corner

We are helping you to find the perfect home or investment in all the compounds all over Egypt.
we do it by comparing between compounds, calculating ROI, and meeting your expectations.
We have a partnership with over 45 developers & 250 compounds.

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Material Corner

Our commitment to quality and services ensure our clients happiness. With years of experience and continuous research, our team is ready to serve your needs. We’re happy to make you feel more comfortable in your home by giving you a 2 years warranty.

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Interior Styles

Finishing Corner

Modern style

is so simple,
It includes materials like metal, glass and steal. It doesn’t include many accessories; it’s just sleek.

Bohemian decor

when it comes to it rules are made to be broken. You have the freedom to creatively furnish your house based only on your desire and imagination.
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is described as work of art as it’s simple and functional.
Elements used are enameled aluminum, bright plastics, pressed wood, wide plank flooring and steel.

Classical decor

is brought to us by the principles of Greek and Roman architectures from the works of Vitreous.
It is based upon order and harmony.
Finishing Corner

Transitional decor

combines modern and traditional,
like glass & steel. Although it offers some space it feels warm. Transitional style is a perfect choice if you are seeking a sleek and stylish home.
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Hollywood Glam

is a luxurious design style which seems dramatic and fits a specific category of people.


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